The vineyards

Over the centuries, Bordeaux gradually expanded beyond
its city boundaries until the estate was lovingly encircled.
However, stone never replaced the vines here; instead, it
provided an alcove in which they could nestle.

Urban garden

The Carmes Haut-Brion estate has an ideal setting. The ponds and copses of the landscaped grounds stand in dialogue with the plots of vines: nature converses in harmony here amid a beautifully preserved ecosystem. The urban climate wafts in with the flowing waters of the River Peugue and provides the gentlest of support for the vines. In short, every element here works together to help ripen the grapes.

Characterful land

The ten hectares of land are made up of gravel, clay and sand. In this unique geological palette, affinity with the land guides the blend of grape varieties planted (itself also unique): Cabernet Franc (39%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (20%) gaze at each other from either side of the stream, with Merlot (41%) growing a little farther away. This mosaic of plants is what gives the estate its unusual profile.

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