Patrice Pichet acquired the Carmes estate in late 2010.
This investment had a hint of challenge about it, of
course, but it was also driven by a genuine passion
for wine harbouring the highest ambitions.

No stranger to the chateau

Before taking over the estate, Patrice Pichet was an admiring neighbour. For many years, he enjoyed regular walks on the adjacent land before meeting the Chantecaille family in the early 2000s. That is when he discovered Carmes and fell instantly under its spell. The idea of purchasing a vineyard was not a new one, but this time it seemed an obvious choice.

Putting his heart into the work

Wanting to show the estate at its very best, Patrice Pichet thought long and hard about how to bring out its full potential. However, this meant more than just providing new infrastructure: on a broader scale, a fresh look was also taken at the vineyard and vine cultivation processes. The programme was ambitious but had one sole objective: to give the land and the terroir the attention it deserved.

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